USA 2024 Elections Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Wed Nov 9 00:21:44 PST 2022

US Libertarians are having a party...

Live election results coverage from the Libertarian Party
begins tonight at 9pm Eastern! Tune into
Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube

Congratulations to our first four Libertarian Party 2022 Election
winners: Lex, Shannon (@denniston), David, and Aron (@Aron_Lam)!
The Libertarian Party is celebrating four more wins tonight!
Congratulations, David, Alex, William, and Jeremy!
1) 4 candidates secured ballot access & @will4ok broke 5% 3)
@Grant_LP86 won a Tulsa City Council race 4) @OkLyndaSteele breaks the
OK 3rd Party % record for a statewide candidate & had the 2nd best LP
Atty General result in @lpnational history

Trump and his tired rhetoric pomp and sulk in a corner, he'll
likely announce but will get smacked down for that and his age.
And the Democrats still suck.

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