USA 2024 Elections Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Tue Nov 8 14:23:56 PST 2022
“We need to get back our country”
“I never remember a time when so many things were off track," says
this Pennsylvania voter. "The country is broken." “Hopefully today
will be the first day in trying to fix it."
“The Democrat Party has never really done anything to help.”
These Georgians both voted Republican today: “We need to make a change
in the direction that we’re headed with inflation.” "I voted
Republican today — the reason being the pandemic, mostly, and the
This Nevada resident says he voted because of Biden’s “open border.”
“Absolutely ridiculous!” “It’s crazy that we’re leaving it open.”
“Don’t let this craziness stop you from voting. Get out there and
vote," says @KariLake
Pennsylvania voter: “The Republican ticket is the better ticket, it’s
the American ticket.” Nevada voter: “Inflation, immigration, crime,
those three things are just off the rails.” Pennsylvania voter:
“Personally, to me, crime is the biggest issue as a voter.”
"I'll take responsibility instead of blaming others." — Joe Biden, 2020
The number one issue to this Georgia voter? The economy & Biden’s war
on American energy

"People have found their mojo and are now standing up to vote out the
screechers, the bad policy, the division and manufactured hate, these
corrupt Democrats."

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