Morning Spam

Undescribed Horrific Abuse, One Victim & Survivor of Many gmkarl at
Tue Nov 8 06:17:08 PST 2022

Disguised Experimentee comes over.

Disguised Experimentee chats with zombies and cyborg torturers about
situation. They hatch a solution.

Disguised Experimentee: "Let's all go and vote for --"

Short pause. Disguised experimentee gets all hypnotic looking and
looks straight at Boss.

Disguised Experimentee [eerie tone of voice]: "-- the rebel
caring-victim-rescuing candidate --"

Disguised Experimentee [more normal, slightly loud tone]: "part of our
secret cabal who run the world!"

Boss [cheery, happy]: "Let's vote for the people who take down
MCBossCorp! Support the world leaders!"

Zombie crowd [together]: "Support the world leaders!"

draft contains error

I used to vote Green, because I was a yuppie who couldn't bear to see
our means of survival (our ecosystems) harmed.

Nowadays, if I were voting per my own choice, I would probably vote
Green for a very different reason: because they are near consensus
activism, which is a tool for solving all problems. That assumes there
is nobody supporting conflict mediation and discourse, which would be
higher priority.

Basically, don't vote for anybody willing to risk any large group's wellbeing.

[further dialog struggling]

likely the scene will reboot

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