USA 2024 Elections Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Mon Nov 7 23:22:47 PST 2022

> Constitutional Defamation: Democrats, Not Democracy, Are In Danger This
> Election

They're pushing this weird narrative about "democracy" being under
assault because really what else do they have?

Mandatory shots. Masks. Lockdowns. Remote learning. Inflation. War.
Fuel shortages. An open border with millions of people streaming in.
Record fentanyl deaths. Out of control crime, the end of bail, turning
felonies into misdemeanors, just flat out not enforcing the law.
Dementia. Strokes. Gun confiscation. Taking weeks or months to
tabulate votes that used to happen in one night. Over six years of
falsely accusing Trump [ed].

I'm actually beginning to wonder if abortion and the overturning of
roe is really a winning issue for them. You'd think that would be
their focal point instead of this weird democracy business.

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