FreeSpeech and Censorship: Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Mon Nov 7 23:18:55 PST 2022

Geopolitical ModBots, 1984...

Friendly heads up warning for CoronavirusCircleJerk Subreddit users.
Supermod that spearheaded the NoNewNormal Reddit Ban seems to be
targeting CCJ now with bans for posting there on the basis of being on
a "COVID misinformation" sub that "brigades" other subs.

For context, I post in the r/Banned subreddit (sub dedicated to
discussing subreddit bans people have received). This is how I'm
seeing a pattern beginning again. If you remember, there was a
subreddit mod, N8theGr8 (one of those supermods that mods hundreds of
subs at the same time), that was very instrumental in spearheading a
campaign against the NoNewNormal subreddit. Anytime anyone got a ban
from another sub on the basis that they were participating in NNN and
that the sub was known to "brigade" other subs, his name came up as a
listed mod of the sub that was banning.

It's happening again. There have been at least 5 different people
saying they have been banned from various subs in the past week. All
of these subs have the same mod in their list of many, and all have
listed the same reason: for participating in a "coronavirus
misinformation subreddit" that is known for "brigading", even from
subs they have never visited. All of the banned have one subreddit in
common that they have posted to: r/Coronaviruscirclejerk .

It can't be just a coincidence here that all the banned from all
different subs ( r/tifu and r/cats being two I've seen pop up as the
subs doing the bans but there are others) that have the same mod that
we saw in the past wage war were posting at the same sub.

Since Reddit admins never lift a finger at things like this (how does
one mod weild so much power over the entire site), I figure someone
needed to warn people who post there (posting it here so I don't have
anything happen to my account should this lead to any further
situations like NNN).

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