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Mon Nov 7 18:21:50 PST 2022

Many knew this cat was a Lying Democrat too.

Many have not seen a political party dodge and spin
basic statistical facts like this one does, especially
facts they manufactured and initiated such as their
Summer[s] of BLM+Antifa+Prog Street Violence.

NY Dem Gov. Kathy Hochul Really Did Say It's A "Conspiracy" That
Violent Crime Is Rising

Any inconvenient fact for Democrats is now dismissed as a
“conspiracy”. This was once again in evidence last week as New York
Governor Kathy Hochul used the pejorative against people pointing out
that there has been a rise in violent crime.

Calling Republicans ‘election deniers and data deniers,’ Hochul
claimed that shootings and murders are “down fifteen percent in our
state in New York City.”

Hochul charged that Republicans are “master manipulators” attempting
to convince the nation that they are less safe in Democratic
controlled States.

    New York Democrat Gov. Kathy Hochul claims it’s a “conspiracy”
that violent crime is rising.
    — RNC Research (@RNCResearch) November 6, 2022

As The New York Post highlights, while murders are down by 14% in New
York City over the summer compared with last year, all other major
crimes surged — including a 33% rise in robberies, police statistics

In an earlier debate with her Republican opponent Lee Zeldin, Hochul
stated that she doesn’t understand why being touch on crime is
important to him, even though Americans list it as a priority:

    . at leezeldin: "She still hasn’t talked about locking up anyone
committing any crimes.”

    Democrat Kathy Hochul: "I don’t know why that’s so important to
    — RNC Research (@RNCResearch) November 6, 2022

Even MSNBC anchors are not buying it from Hochul:

    Even MSNBC is calling out Democrat Kathy Hochul.

    "Here's the problem: We don't feel safe...I walk into my pharmacy,
and everything is on lockdown because of shoplifters. I'm not going in
the subway. People don't feel safe in this town."
    — RNC Research (@RNCResearch) November 5, 2022

Nationwide, murder rates are up, according to both FBI and CDC data.

Lets ignore that though:

    “Other than murder,” which as everyone knows is a minor aspect of
violent crime.
    — Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) November 7, 2022

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