Cpunks: Twitter Takeover Not New, But A Lot Of Things Could Be...

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Mon Nov 7 17:28:53 PST 2022

Narrative is now all about REAL-ID and Verification,
an outcome readily knowable by all with a brain for prediction.

See its either we must "know" who you are, or you get oppressed.
Nothing new under the Sun radiating from these GovCorpPol powers.
Twitter's doing it wrong.
Nyms, VPNs, onions, no-phoners, no-emailers, no-DNA, no-photos, etc...
these should all have ability to reach highest levels of game play.
As before, these companies are all chumping out to
least-cost least-effort brain-dead knee-jerk solutions,
and a lot of it is intentional, especially the ID.
Social Credit Score, linked to Physical World Control, 1984,
no longer just a book from some famous author, but real.
These platforms have more than enough money and code
to accept behavior deposits in crypto, cash, gold, etc.
More than enough to pay turks and bots to kill stupid bots.
More than enough coders and "AI" to write heuristic algos
to recognize and differentiate Nyms as unique individuals,
to upgrade Nyms based on time, interaction, deposit, flags,
voice calls, off record visit to the local federating authenticator
of human life form, dropgangs, etc.
Innumerable ways and solutions...
But they don't.
Either they're truly cheap and/or brain dead, or they're Evil.

Freedom loving cypherpunks must continue developing
and deploying alternatives and counters to that mess.
It's the only way, because the mess won't change itself,
and will never freely grant you actual freedom.

Target supplanting twitter uber amazon dating for-sale lists,
whatever you can that's interesting and/or marginally doable
with crypto-p2p apps, Internet with fiber optic RF, etc.

Have fun :)

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