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Mon Nov 7 04:10:50 PST 2022

> Lie after Fraud after Dodge after Pander after Bullshit

Cypherpunks claimed to have solutions for everything, including
Govt Lies and Liars... apparently not, or haven't worked yet.

Democrats and Biden Caught in Massive Lie, Election Pandering
Statements "No Green New Deal" and "No Ban on Fracking" broken.
These WokeSocProgs are clueless about economics (also caught
fudging official statistics), have wrecked Oil and Diesel buffers down
to less than 25 days, stated they want to Nationalize Energy, have
no grasp or plan of what Electrification will actually require, and
are fucking gambling your stability away in order to win more
power for themselves while inflating bullshit about CO2 up your ass.
nb: Global oil is running out, but they are lying to you about that too,
all the dishonesty and coverup is completely unnecessary and
outright dangerous. Expect chaos if all this is allowed to continue.

Biden Admits The Truth: "No More Oil Drilling"

Joe Biden let slip just two days before the midterms, namely what
everyone always knew would be the pinnacle of catastrophic US energy
policy under the democrats: "no more drilling"

    BREAKING: Two days before the midterm elections, Joe Biden clearly
states he is for "no more [oil] drilling."
    — RNC Research (@RNCResearch) November 7, 2022

As Michael Shellenberger so poignantly noted, for months, President
Joe Biden and members of his cabinet have claimed that they are no
obstacle to expanded oil and gas production in the United States.

    On June 21 Biden said, “This idea that they don't have oil to
drill and to bring up is simply not true. This piece of the
Republicans talking about Biden shutting down fields is wrong.”

    On June 22, Biden said, I know my Republican friends claim, we're
not producing enough oil and I'm limiting oil production. Quite
frankly, that's nonsense.”

    And on November 2, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm tweeted,
“Disinfo about @POTUS' energy agenda is being used to scare/mislead
Americans while industry cashes in. The facts are clear: This Admin
outpaced the previous Admin on crude oil production + oil/gas well
approvals while also making historic investments in a clean energy

    But tonight, Biden has effectively admitted that he, Energy
Secretary Granholm, and others in his administration have been lying.

    I have documented the lies Biden has told about his energy policy
for the last five months. Others have as well. The Wall Street Journal
reported in September that Biden had leased fewer acres of public land
and waters offshore for oil and gas drilling than any other
administration since World War II.

    Granholm tweeted out a Politico article that noted that Biden
administration regulators approved oil and gas wells more quickly than
the Trump administration did during its first 21 months in office.

    But the story was misleading because those approvals were entirely
for drilling on private and state land, which are outside of the
administration’s control, something Politico acknowledged 12
paragraphs into its article.

Biden's quote, which is on par with his "outrageous" coal plant
closure comments, hardly needs more commentary but we will note that
it comes just days after the White House unveiled its "brilliantly
cunning" plan of promising energy execs that it would buy all the oil
they had to sell at $72 to refill the SPR that Biden single-handedly
drained to crush US energy companies. Maybe the same oil execs will be
just a little skeptical when it comes to anything that comes out of
this old man's mouth going forward.

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