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Undescribed Horrific Abuse, One Victim & Survivor of Many gmkarl at gmail.com
Mon Nov 7 01:59:18 PST 2022

> like the United States confronting Donald Trump and his quite likely
> return in November 2024, Belarus must throw off dictator Lukashenko
> first in order to achieve open democracy. Akin to internet packets and
> immunizable pandemics, superpredators and publics alike are presently
> all connected globally, and we must collaborate across the imposed
> borders—or else, worldwide overt fascism.

superpredators never survive.

basically, we are not collaborating. centralisation of communication
portals, during the nonregulation of auotmated attention algorithms in
the covid pandemic, has ensured that we are neither communicating nor
collaborating freely.

i'm guessing that people form scattered pockets that generally have
channels to AI surveillence.


the dictator efforts are behaving similar to those runaway goal
processes that AI alignment people are worried about, and we can see
the impact of that heavily on even this list.

if all your effort is focused on making paperclips, garnering people's
attention, or taking political power in a country, each of those
effort processes is disregarding everything else there is in reality.
this means it makes itself loud and known. it also means the processes
get in each others' way, being much less efficient than things that
work together for goals everybody would agree on. [they delay this
with extremes of money, computation, and human labor]

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