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possible translation from biology to procedural programming

On 11/7/22, Undescribed Horrific Abuse, One Victim & Survivor of Many
<gmkarl at gmail.com> wrote:
> goals are made of small steps, which are collected from experience,
goals are made from the sequential execution of simple functions
> observation, and instinct, and cobbled together either in imagination
> or real trial, to reach.
which are themselves sequentially written out of hardcoded functions
and each other, and selected and ordered based on what has passed
simulated tests, has produced the goal in the past, or is copied from
existing data or is measured to produce the goal elsewhere
an important goal may likely be that of producing steps that
successfully mimic recorded processes, and identifying goals that
these steps meet
another important goal may likely be mutating existing processes to
make them useful for slightly different things
a very important one is generalising to compress one's structure

i'm imagining if there is no environment, then the execution of the
process itself might be what can be observed

- selecting and ordering steps
- attempting to meet goals
- storing results as further information that informs the selection and ordering

ideas for core goals:
- making a process that meets a class of goals
- measuring the utility of classes of components
- designing the general process itself
- designing a process that meets a specific goal
- mutating processes for similar goals
- mutating processes for generality

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