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Mon Nov 7 01:19:20 PST 2022


> silly word golzar from “goals are.” In the middle of the night, we’d point at the red lights of
> faraway radio towers—Golzarian outposts, you see, from the strange species of Golzarians > who perhaps knew the answers to life’s mysteries—and try to drive to them in those days
> before GPS on smartphones.

what are goals?

goals are a state of reality defined with precise fuzzy logic that
mutates as new information develops. goals are defined by the act of
pursuing them: a behavior that was common prior to the takeover of
your country in past decades.

nowadays, goals are mysterious things studied in elite towers, such
that we might someday understand how it is possible to not meet them.


I have a lot of cognitive data confusion around goals that hopefully
can be extensively diatribed. I and many other people have a unique
mental health issue, where attempting to pursue a goal consciously
("willpower") can stimulate inhibition of it.

This leads me to discovering consciousness around all sorts of parts
of cognition like steps that lead to tasks, and various subtle
feelings relating to planning around a goal or holding information
that is useful for meeting it.

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