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Main news about anarchist prisoners in Belarus in October 2022

 06/11/2022  News
On 10 October the trial of Anastasia Kukhta started in Minsk City
Court. She is accused of participation in protests (Article 342),
calling for sanctions or actions aimed at damaging the national
security of the Republic of Belarus (Article 361 part 3) and creation
or participation in an extremist formation (Article 361-1 part 1 of
the Criminal Code). She faces up to 12 years in jail, the lowest
threshold of punishment – 4 years. Initially the regime came to her
house with a search on February 17. After she was detained she
received 15 days in jail for alleged disorderly conduct, after which
she was declared a suspect in a criminal case.

The hunger strike of Ihar Alinevich continued till the middle of
October. Ihar started the hunger-strike on 19 September. The exact
demands are not known for certain, but apparently the last straw was a
report on his placement in the punishment cell. Prior to that, he had
sent complaints to higher authorities about the arbitrariness of the
prison administration, but received no response. Therefore, Ihar
assumes that they did not leave the prison at all. On his birthday, 24
September, Ihar Alinevich was placed in a solitary confinement cell
and his lawyer was not allowed to see him during the entire hunger
strike. According to unconfirmed reports, Ihar was visited by the
prosecutor in the penal cell. It is very difficult to get any
information about him. Even his mother has not been able to see her
son for years; there is no way to get in touch with him on the phone,
and all letters are censored and often do not reach him at all. On
October 17, Ihar’s parents received a postcard dated October 14.
“Hello, Mom and Dad! Here I am! I am fine. As always spiritually
stronger, intellectually enlightened and emotionally relaxed,” the
anarchist wrote.

On October 21, the fence of the Belarusian embassy in Prague was
covered with red paint and the slogan “Freedom for Ihar A.” was
written. In this regard, the anarchists of Prague distributed a
statement. Here’s an excerpt from it:

“The red color symbolizes the blood of people beaten by the Belarusian
police at demonstrations and in prison cells. Moreover, the Belarusian
state acts as an accomplice of the Russian state in the aggressive war
it is waging in Ukraine. Thus, the Lukashenko regime is an accomplice
in the bloodbath outside of Belarus. The colored message on the
Belarusian embassy in Prague is a sign of solidarity with Ihar
Alinevich. […] Ihar Alinevich is not alone in his struggle, and the
Belarusian state will sooner or later die out. Unfortunately, the
activist who painted the embassy was detained and later sentenced to
three months in jail with a 15-month suspension.”[1]

On 10 November the Homel Regional Court will start the trial of a
criminal case against anti-fascist activist from Mozyr Krystsina
Charankova. She is accused of inciting other social hatred or discord
under Art. 130 of the Criminal Code for publishing critical articles
of the regime in her Instagram account. The case will be heard by
Judge Alexei Hlyshchankov.

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