The foul and vile stench of ' Natural Rights Anarchy "

professor rat pro2rat at
Sun Nov 6 23:05:28 PST 2022

>>>    rights don't exist -- and definitely not as absolutes -- except insofar as the state and other political institutions "discover" them and then enforce them, depending on what is on offer in terms of policies for extending state rule. none of the ones usually promoted (women's, human, voting, free speech, self-determination, etc) are recognized as inherent in any human culture (which is why attempts to make one or more of them universal are always met with scorn and protest). the entire edifice of rights, duties, and obligations is based on hierarchy, domination, moralism, and enforcement. their invocation has no place in anarchist discourse -- except as examples of weak spots to attack the foundations of hierarchy and domination. . . . "

Reposts not Garofalo garbage

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