Douglas Lucas dal at
Sun Nov 6 22:27:11 PST 2022

I wrote a number of blog posts about Belarus across the past few years:

There are a few books about Belarus I want to read, but haven't had time
yet. If someone really wants the list, I'll find it in the bowels of my
records somewhere.

Reality Winner traveled alone to Belarus briefly. The prosecution in her
trial used that against her, to make her seem sketchy, as travelling to
other countries is not something the USian mainstream trusts.

On 2022-11-07 06:15, Undescribed Horrific Abuse, One Victim & Survivor
of Many wrote:
> if this were 2003 we could have seriously helped so many people, but
> they had likely not reached the internet yet
> i wonder where the hackers are growing now, maybe still near?
> the source is listed as
> . doesn’t load for me (times out, which sometimes indicates ddos)
> according to belarus is a
> country bordering russia and ukraine where a president established
> dictatorship after 1994.
> i’m thinking that oppressive dictatorships must really develop strong
> anarchist movements out of necessity

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