USA 2024 Elections Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sun Nov 6 14:28:37 PST 2022

> The races have begun...

Truths and corruption are still fighting to come out...

Update to censored leaks that occurred well before the "election" of 2020...

The laptop datasets are available on the Internet, many gigabytes.

Bobulinski: "The Biden's probably thought they were going to make billions."

>  Tony Bobulinski #SinoHawk
> Phone Logs
> After far more than week of Mass Censorship by Trad and Social Media,
> and corrupt Joe Biden and Democrats utterly refusing come clean...
> Biden's polls are finally dropping like rocks,
> and the entire US Democratic Socialist Party is now distrusted
> thanks to their bogus and failed four year long political assault on Trump.
> Joe Biden is a LIAR and a FRAUD.
> Debate Moderators are all corrupt.
> The US will never be a Socialist country. -- Trump

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