[ot][spam] log: trying to take control of my free government phone

Undescribed Horrific Abuse, One Victim & Survivor of Many gmkarl at gmail.com
Sun Nov 6 01:34:30 PDT 2022

missing basic and normative tools:
- dump dirtree from an e2fs filesystem
- extract encryption keys from device and decrypt userdata image
- access device logical partitions via flashing cable
other stuff

the encryption key and decryption situation just looks like a lot of
work to me, more than often makes sense for me nowadays, sadly.

my data is likely to go on hold, making space for functionality.
future note: back up /data while it is decrypted !!

i’m trying to archive this stuff, so it’s still queued. one thing i
found is it possible to disable encryption on these phones. i think
that was in the vendor docs, not certain.

another thing i found is mtkclient has a command for viewing logs.
wonder what it shows.

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