Democracy: Today's Tyranny

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Fri Nov 4 17:09:42 PDT 2022

On 11/4/22, Undescribed Horrific Abuse, One Victim & Survivor of Many
<gmkarl at> wrote:
> i came from occupy wall street, where “direct democracy” was the
> thing, no elections, just doing things that everybody agreed to do.

No, OWS did not have "everybody" in agreement, else
they literally would *all* be doing the exact same thing.
Yet there were lots of beautiful free people who said no
to whatever things, and if none of them were harmed
for it then that would indeed be notable.

Unfortunately for democracy worshippers, even their fabled
"direct democracy" (democracy without representatives)
still does not grant them any authority over others.

Same for "social contracts", "constitutions", etc...
sans your agreement and signature, not valid over you.

Democracy is wrongly taught, believed, and applied,
which results everywhere today in deadly tyranny by the
majority against those who have done no such harm,
wars to become the new majority, ad nauseum.

Democracy cannot be fixed because it relies upon the
flawed principle that initiating force over others is valid.
So quit wasting time repeatedly trying to fix it, and go
explore something totally different that hasn't really
ever been tried before.

> when i hear people asking for anarchy rather than democracy

So long as they declare themselves Voluntary, then
that is by default better than any democracy as
practiced anywhere in the world today.

> my country happens to be a democracy.

Which, again like all such ones in current practice, sucks,
brutally so.

"Their very character, tyranny; their figure, deformity."

"Any democracy that wages upon the non-participant while
said non-participant does not wage upon it... is illegitimate."

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