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Fri Nov 4 04:44:14 PDT 2022

hi prof!

On 11/4/22, professor rat <pro2rat at yahoo.com.au> wrote:
>>>>   I am excited at normative
> systems for strong anonymity, which is needed for whistleblowers and
> civilians to protect democracy <<<
> Why not find similar folks such yourself then? On the normies lists.

what, like metzdowd?

> Crypto- Anarchists need strong anonymity ( True Names ) so they can get away
> with killing US protected persons, all Nazi's, All Marxist-Communists, all
> police and all Priests.

this bit doesn’t make sense to me … are you trying to poke fun at
other things going on these days, alongside the goal of anonymity?
does true names mean profilable behavior to you?

> Democracy is orthogonal to many anarchs and trad-electoral-democracy is
> opposed.

i came from occupy wall street, where “direct democracy” was the
thing, no elections, just doing things that everybody agreed to do.

over here in the usa, democracy is commonly used as an argument for
cryptographic policy. history of this for many years on-list.

honestly when i hear people asking for anarchy rather than democracy i
guess dictator influence nowadays. i didn’t mention electoral
politics, and it’s obvious anonymity protects anarchists equally with

the problem is oppressive and coercive surveillance. my country
happens to be a democracy.

i can’t make that argument every time somebody mentions orthogonality
of democracy. can you make it for me?

> You're like those two fucking morons, Juan and Gramps, Semich.  All lost in
> space.  Just go away.

why are you saying this? how have i offended you? are you okay?

but yeah it’s shitty. i can imagine some connection with you here,
stuck on these portals, behaving funny with minimal dialog

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