USA 2024 Elections Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Thu Nov 3 19:08:38 PDT 2022

On 11/3/22, Gunnar Larson <g at> wrote:
> Republicans Push Election Fraud on Social Media For Midterms Boost

Unfortunately actual election fraud did occur, people have
been convicted, investigations and access to records and
systems that should be open were blocked by officials, etc.
Yet hardly anywhere near the impact of the influence swung by the
news media, social media, big tech, billionaires, censors, Pols, etc.

All well documented, these GovCorpPols of the world and their
desire to rule over you, you don't need them, or their big programs
they claim to be doing for you. Cast them off. Free yourselves. Fake News Exposed

As always, the truth is out there, somewhere... you decide.

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