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Thu Nov 3 16:07:33 PDT 2022

> The races have begun...

No election complete without corrupt partisan Agencies imparting
their own flavor of FUD, Censorship, Meddling, Influencing...

Leaked FBI Pamphlet Lists 'Misinformation' And 'Disinformation'
As 'Election Crimes'

An FBI "2022 Midterm Elections Social Media Analysis Cheat Sheet" leaked
to Project Veritas by an agency whistleblower lists misinformation and
disinformation as 'election crimes.'

The 'crimes' are are defined as;

"DISINFORMATION" - False or inaccurate information intended to mislead
others. Disinformation campaigns on social media are used to deliberately
confuse, trick, or upset the public.

"MISINFORMATION" - False or misleading information spread mistakenly or

Does a Hillary Clinton-approved media blitz disinformation campaign to
smear her political opponent as a Russian asset count?

What about "MSM censorship campaigns to suppress damaging information
about a candidate" such as Hunter Biden's laptop?

More via Project Veritas;

Recently, the Biden administration attempted to create the
“Disinformation Governance Board” under the Department of Homeland
Security. After severe pushback from the public due to free speech
concerns, the federal government pulled the plug on this idea.

In another section of the leaked document labelled “Things to
Consider,” the FBI reminded its agents that the First Amendment and
Fourth Amendment exist. Both amendments are in the Bill of Rights and
protect Americans’ rights to free speech and against “unreasonable”
searches or seizures.

The Bureau also flagged the potential for “Voter/Ballot Fraud” in this
election, an activity that some have attempted to rule out as a threat to
the American electoral system.

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