In Greece, Russia, Ukraine the enemy is the state, its capital and patriarchy

professor rat pro2rat at
Thu Nov 3 15:54:01 PDT 2022

Our goal is to continue the struggle for the social and class revolution and for that, it is worth giving all our strength. To pave the way for anarchy. A free society of equal people to be spread across the planet.

Reposts in the Malatesta vein are not always endorsed

Since Malatesta was shot in the leg I’ll reiterate my case for Kropotkin’s WW1 position in that K was a smart guy who knew enough about Germany to recognize a proto-fascist threat when he saw one. Add in the ethic of helping a smaller bully against a larger bully and you might even make an anarchist case for righteous war. 

Now is also a good time to reflect on Lenin’s phony-baloney pacifism of 1913-1918. Lets not mince a lot of words here - M was prescient, almost psychic - but K had the better practical arguments. Yes?

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