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Thu Nov 3 15:42:57 PDT 2022

The Era Of All-Powerful Central Banks Must End

Central bank gaming of Finance is the source of instability.

The era of all-powerful central banks is over for a simple reason:
they failed: they failed their citizens, their nations, and they
failed the world.

Their policies have pushed wealth and income inequality to extremes
that have destabilized the planet's social, political, economic and
environmental spheres.

As I have endeavored to explain for many years, this is the only
possible outcome of central bank dominance.

Once Finance becomes the primary mover of everything else, then it
distorts everything into a skimming machine that benefits the few with
access to central bank funding at the expense of everyone else.

Once finance dominates, then both the "market" and government become
servants of finance.

I say "markets" because once markets have been financialized, they
serve the interests of cartels and monopolies and cease to be markets
at all.

Government, regardless of the advertised "brand", becomes an auction
where the highest bidder gains control of governance and regulation,
which are bent to serve the interests of the few with access to
central bank largesse.

As the charts below illustrate, this is the top 0.1%, with a
substantial "trickle down" to the top 1% and top 10%.

The bottom 90% have lost ground not just economically but also
politically and socially.

The way central banks create and distribute credit/money results in
the dominance of Finance and this dominance has led to the distortion
and ruination of the economy and society.

Vast inequality is the norm everywhere, because the central bank
system is everywhere.

Central banks are the source of destabilizing inequality; they can't
fix inequality.

As long as Finance dominates "markets" and governments, they won't be
able to fix inequality, either.

Central bankers and government authorities are aware that the system
is unraveling due to the extremes of inequality they've created. They
are attempting to to reconcile this contradiction-- Finance turns the
entire world into a skimming machine that can only exacerbate
inequality--with, yes, what else? Finance.

So central banks are preparing to deposit new "money" directly into
checking accounts and governments are pondering windfall taxes, wealth
taxes, etc. to claw back some of the wealth that accumulated in the
top tier to fund social programs designed to keep the masses

Central bank gaming of Finance is the source of instability.

Reining in central banks' free money for financiers and cronies is the
necessary first step to unseating Finance as the dominant force in
markets, governance and the planetary skimming machine Finance has

Either power is taken from central banks or the vast inequality that
is the result of central bank dominance will unravel the entire
system. Take your pick, but the distortions are accelerating, and time
is running short.

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