Assassination Politics

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Thu Nov 3 14:33:30 PDT 2022

> Notable uptick...
> Stay out of the crossfire.

Two more...

Pelosi gets sordid attempted whack by DePape...

Khan feels the sting days later...

Imran Khan Undergoes Surgery After Surviving Assassination Attempt,
Shooter Confesses
Pakistan security services have confirmed an attempted assassination
against the country's ex-Prime Minister Imran Khan earlier in the day
at a political rally.
CCTV camera footage of the shooter who shot Imran Khan. The shooter
was subsequently arrested by PTI members and handed over to Pakistani
— Soviet -Afghan Wars Samurai 1980 (@Samurai19801) November 3, 2022
“I wanted to eliminate him because he (Imran Khan) was misleading the
people. I tried to shoot him and nobody else. I made the decision when
he left from Lahore. I acted alone, nobody else is involved,” the
alleged shooter was heard saying in a video uploaded by Pakistan
journalist Hamid Mir.

"Six others, including politician Faisal Javed Khan, were also
reportedly injured in the attack," the report adds.
Thus it appears a mass shooting and significant assassination attempt
on the former head of state and his top officials. As details are
emerging, it is not as yet clear who or what group was behind the
    Footage of the firing. Assassination attempt on Imran Khan.
    — Ihtisham Ul Haq (@iihtishamm) November 3, 2022
Imran Khan was shot in the leg but was stable while being taken to
hospital.I saw the assassin while firing from top of container, he
fired a burst from his pistol & he was on the left side. He celebrated
after firing so it was a planned assassination attempt.

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