C. Manning joined the Nym project last year as security analyst

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Thu Nov 3 09:08:18 PDT 2022

I vaguely recall this project and do not have an informed opinion on
it, but here are links and quotes below. I am excited at normative
systems for strong anonymity, which is needed for whistleblowers and
civilians to protect democracy. I am worried about the focus on
economics, which can bias power away from those who need it. My
experience is that those running such projects as below may hold
similar values.


Nym provides strong network-level privacy against sophisticated
end-to-end attackers, and anonymous transactions using blinded,
re-randomizable, decentralized credentials.


How does Nym work?

Nym can provide more powerful network-level privacy for cryptocurrency
transactions, e-mail, instant messaging, and any other message-based
traffic. Unlike Tor, Nym’s mixnet design guarantees network anonymity
and resistance to surveillance, even in the face of adversaries
capable of monitoring the entire network, by adding cover traffic and
timing obfuscation. The Nym mixnet is decentralized, rather than
operated by a trusted provider like a VPN, as it uses blockchain
technology and economic incentives to decentralize the network. Nym
node operators are incentivized to run nodes and provide good quality
of service and uptime. Software updates are governed through community
adoption as decisions are made by the node operators and token


The Nym network ("Nym") is a decentralized and incentivized
infrastructure to provision privacy to a broad range of message-based
applications and services. The core component of Nym is a mixnet that
protects network traffic metadata for applications, providing
communication privacy su- perior to both VPNs and Tor against global
adversaries that can watch the entire internet. Nodes in the mixnet
are rewarded via a novel proof of mixing scheme that proves that mix
nodes are providing a high quality of service. Rewards given by NYM
tokens allow anyone to join the Nym network and enable a sustainable
economic model for privacy. NYM tokens can be transformed into
anonymous credentials that allow users to privately prove their "right
to use" services in a decentralized and verifiable man- ner. The Nym
network can serve as the foundation for a vast range of
privacy-enhanced applications that defend the fundamental freedoms of
people across the globe against traffic analysis by powerful

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