[ot][spam][crazy] karl has stopped eating food

Karl Semich 0xloem at gmail.com
Thu Nov 3 05:53:38 PDT 2022

i’m having some trouble eating again. i last ate a couple days ago. my
weight is still 144 and i am six feet tall. it was higher earlier
though, i had a good stretch.

i’m really tense and having my issues worse, after telling some things
to a new therapist whom i’m traveling to and from some distance to
see, and trying to read the handbooks for my potential internship
regarding learning to teach wilderness skills.

i’ve canceled the internship to ease the pressure.

the therapist is the first one i’ve started seeing specific for the
larger category of experiences i have. it feels like most of this
severe tension may be from this.

right now i am in a dissociated coping state where i am carefully
managing myself to not stimulate experiences similar to a psychotic
break or a seizure or a ptsd flashback.

i’d just like to have a meal, and after sharing this i think i can. thank you,

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