Careful with the revisionist ax, Eugene

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Wed Nov 2 20:33:30 PDT 2022

Growing up I became familiar with the shifting nature of Marxist-Communist histography. Like when the ’ Golden Age ’ of the Russian revolution ended - and exactly how many capitalist nations were encircling the new-found Workers State.

And that brings me to cypherpunks and cryptoanarchy.

Many commentators - perhaps taking their cue from Steve Levy - claimed that their Golden Age ended by 2001. But now there’s an unseemly scramble to include the noughties since key figures like Bram Cohen and Hal Finney were practically unknown in the 90’s.

When key design ideas and implementation testing bubbled up 2000 to 2008 Big Dog would be cutting off its own nuts if it didn’t update the narrative. 

" We have always been at war with Oceana bin Ladin "

George Orwell wrote four books worth reading.

Here endeth the sermon

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