Coronavirus: Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Wed Nov 2 01:07:52 PDT 2022

"Anti-vax guy in the pub just said, "Straight up- unvaccinated sperm
is going to be the next Bitcoin." Absolutely no idea how I respond to
this. -- vaxster"

The US Govt funded the creation of #Covid19 via gain-of-function
research at the Wuhan lab and propagandized the world to use untested
and unsafe Big Pharma vaccines (for profit). The biggest crime against
humanity may end up killing more people than the Nazis did.
Tim Pool @Timcast
a lot of people are dying suddenly

Cue the mass of pile-on lawsuits...
Would be better if the money came out of
politicians ass instead of yours via more
taxes and printflation... sovereign immunity and such...

On October 24, 2022, Judge Ralph J. Porzio issued an order essentially
dismissing the Respondent’s arguments and accepting most of the
Petitioners’ arguments. The order commanded that all terminated
Petitioners be reinstated on October 25, 2022 and collect back pay
from their date of termination.
So we should expect to see people who got fired from these evil
corporations to not only be reinstated but also receive back pay.
Anything else would be a failure of justice, and certainly something
that ought to be peacefully protested

After 5 jabs and 20k$ of Paxlovid, CDC director tested positive for
Covid again and again and again. Safe and Effective they said.

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