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Tucker Carlson Explains Why Democrats Must Rely
On Censorship To Maintain Political Viability

     “The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name.”

Anti-liberty leftists and their national media apparatus are in their
final desperate days before their well-deserved midterm (rhetorical)
mangling, with the latter dropping any remaining microscopic vestiges
of ‘objectivity.’

They know that everything hinges on what happens over the next few
days and if they can conjure up some reason for their side to maintain
their death grip on power, they will do it.

This is why they are trying to carefully exploit the horrific assault
on Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband.

It should go without saying that such acts of violence are to be condemned.

However, as Tucker Carlson detailed in his Fox News show Monday night,
this disturbing incident brought forth some rather unsavory reactions
from those who like to falsely portray themselves as ‘liberal.’

These are the times that bring out the best and the worst in people,
the stressful situations when their true nature shines through.

Tucker Carlson: Without censorship, the Democratic Party can't
continue to hold power

How did the left react to this recent crisis?

Do they try to consider all aspects of an issue and solve the problem
with intelligent solutions?

Or do they simply react and call for another suppression of our liberty?

Consider how Politico framed the current crisis in their piece:

    The brutal assault on Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul inside
their San Francisco home early Friday morning reverberated across the
campaign trail Saturday, with some Democratic campaigns acknowledging
increased threats of violence and some Republican campaigns exercising
extra caution in their rhetoric.

With the ‘conservative’ Max Boot ( pause for laughter) of the
Washington Post ignoring the 2017 Inauguration Riot and the 2020
George Floyd Riots that were far more violent and caused far more
destruction than Jan. 6, 2021.

Followed by another alleged ‘conservative’ (sure, whatever Jen) from
the same media source sounding the alarm over the people ruling in our
Constitutional Republic:

    First, and perhaps most troubling, the nearly 300 GOP election
deniers/liars on the ballot are likely to whip up anger about a
“rigged” system or “stolen election,” priming aggrieved supporters for
violence. Many high-profile Republicans have refused to pledge to
respect the results. Given Republicans’ embrace of the “big lie” in
2020, we should prepare for a plethora of baseless accusations, some
of which could incite unstable individuals.

She of course goes on to carefully tie the nudist hemp jewelry maker
from Berkeley to a totally unrelated event that took place almost 22
months ago all the way across the country.  But we’re guessing that
since they're floundering in the face of utter defeat, they’ll grasp
at anything they can think of.

What is the common thread in all the coverage from the far-left media?

The almost subliminal message that runs just beneath the surface of
all of their screeds.  It’s that our freedom of speech must be
suppressed, lest it cause any other nudist hemp jewelry maker’s from
Berkeley to lose the plot and attack someone of the leftist ruling
class.  Just as it’s their knee-jerk reaction to call for gun
confiscation whenever a leftist start shooting at people.

We could cite several other examples, but that should give you the
picture.  We call them the anti-liberty left to make the point that
restricting your freedom and common-sense civil rights is their go-to
action to solve any problem.

What’s even worse about this is that these actions never work as
advertised, they just empower the left, as intended.  They must know
this, but they don’t care, they only care about their control over
society.  Because none of those measures ever solves the problem, they
only empower the left.

The term anti-liberty left also acts as a reminder that those people
are only exploiting the term ‘liberal’ as just another form of
gaslighting on their part, and a reason for everyone to stop
complimenting the far-left with that term that they do not deserve.

     “The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name.”

    - Confucius

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