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Ron Paul: Will The Midterms Change Anything?

Many experts expect public anger over inflation to enable Republicans
to regain a majority in the US House of Representatives and maybe the
Senate in next week’s midterm elections.

However, even if every close Senate race broke in Republicans’ favor,
and the new Republican majority was determined to pass a pro-liberty
agenda, there still would not be the votes to override President
Biden’s vetoes, or Chuck Schumer’s filibusters.

Pro-liberty legislation cutting spending, or protecting our First,
Second, and Fifth Amendment rights, or shutting down the Department of
Education, or auditing the Federal Reserve, would not become law.

The fact that such pro-liberty legislation would not become law is a
reason many Republican Congress members feel comfortable cosponsoring
and voting for such bills. One of the dirty secrets of American
politics is that the establishment of both parties supports the
corporatist welfare-warfare state and the fiat money system that makes
it all possible.

While they quibble over the details, the only real disagreement
between the two parties is over which one is better able to run the
economy, run the world, and run our personal lives.

One hoped-for benefit of having Congress in Republican hands is that
the Republican desire to deny President Biden any major legislative
victories going into the 2024 election means the American people will
be safe from more big spending legislation like the misnamed Inflation
Reduction Act that will lead to more inflation. It is also hoped that
our liberty and prosperity will be safe from attempts to expand
government’s role in healthcare and implement the Green New Deal.

Should Republicans take the Senate, my son Kentucky Senator Rand Paul
could assume the chairmanship of the Senate Health, Education, Labor
and Pensions Committee. Rand has already stated he wants there to be a
full investigation into Dr. Anthony Fauci’s actions leading up to and
during the covid scare. Rand’s chairmanship would also allow him to
examine ways in which the Department of Education has undermined
parental authority and weakened academics while promoting the use of
critical race theory in government schools. He could also look at how
the Education Department is abusing its authority to force schools to
allow boys to play on girls’ sports teams and even to use girls’

Arizona could send pro-liberty members of Congress a new ally: Blake
Masters. Masters is an advocate of limited constitutional government
who understands the importance of challenging the Federal Reserve’s
unchecked power and protecting liberty and prosperity. He is currently
in a very close race with incumbent Senator Mark Kelly, who is a
leading advocate for gun control in the Senate.

While we should support those few politicians who stand up for
liberty, we should remember that we cannot rely on politicians alone
to restore liberty. Instead, the only way to win back our liberty is
to change the political and cultural environment politicians operate
in. That is why converting a critical mass of people to libertarianism
is crucial. Our victory will come not by electing a libertarian
majority to Congress but by controlling the political and intellectual
environment so even the authoritarians feel compelled to vote for

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