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Tue Nov 1 18:45:20 PDT 2022

Apparently politicians never heard of sideloading,
overlay networks, cryptocurrency... but think of
the children, lol...

FCC Boss Says US Should Ban TikTok

Just days ago, one of the Democratic Party's leading figures, Sen.
Mark Warner (D-Va.), head of the US Senate intelligence committee,
admitted that President Trump was right regarding the security risks
surrounding the video app.

Across the political spectrum, Republican lawmakers are in line with
Democrats about TikTok:

    "No surprise there, TikTok is just another invasive tool for
communist China to infiltrate Americans' personal and proprietary
information," Rep. Ken Buck (R-Colo.) told The Epoch Times. "This app
presents a very real threat to our national security, and the United
States should take strong action to stop the CCP's espionage

In a recent interview, China-In-Focus' Tiffany Meier sat down with
Casey Fleming, CEO of intelligence and security strategy firm BlackOps
Partners, who said:

    "What people need to understand is that TikTok is a military application.

    It's a weaponized espionage application to get every bit of
information they possibly can off the phone, which they do - your
whereabouts, how you go about your day, your access to other people,
access to technology, intellectual property, and things that you can
be blackmailed on, and so on.

    So people need to understand that TikTok is a weaponized military
application in the hands of our middle schoolers, our kids, our high
school kids, and our young adults."

What's remarkable is that when former President Trump considered
banning TikTok because of national security threat issues, the very
consideration was met with such controversy because a ban of the app
would jeopardize free speech and "set a very problematic precedent"
for restricting apps by the US government. Now Democrats want to do
the same thing, but there's no uproar.

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