Collapse: Earth Overshoot Day

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Tue Nov 1 17:05:05 PDT 2022

> While the climate wokesters are busy setting up their
> Nuremburg show trials for Bitcoin and other PoW's
> instead of rightly gassing themselves with their own CO2...
> It's not CO2 itself that should be of much if any concern,

Greta Thunberg Calls For "Overthrow Of Whole Capitalist System"

No, Thunberg's faux-despised Cap's [1] aren't wrong, overpopulation
is in fact the sole fundamental underlying cause of depletion and toxin.
And backtarded cultures and religions telling people to
have lots of children... does not help that at all.
Nor does canceling any particular form of economy or government
cancel the outright resource depletion caused by overpopulation.
All these 'climate' (instead of depletion) ThugBergs are doing are
manufacturing to sell and force their tired old socialist and new
GloboWokSocJus political systems on the world, not solve depletion
(by answering hard problems like telling cultur-religion and all
others to downsize families, and telling capital to advance efficiency.)
Even if CO2 were a thing outside of normal geo-cycles,
it too would be fundamentally caused by overpopulation,
not 'capital' or 'growth' or even any political 'system'.

Billions must die off.
That's the real story, nature's bitch, and it's coming fast.
Be prepared to live.

[1] You don't hear them swearing to cancel their iPhones and Electricity
to return to Pastoral Farming Hunter Gathering pre-Industrial, and
to swallow more semen to prevent babies do you. Hypocrites.
No, it's power they want, and capital they depend on and seek control
over to advance the technology of power for them and them alone.

Greta Thunberg Calls For "Overthrow Of Whole Capitalist System"

Climate activist Greta Thunberg has gone fully mask off and is now
calling for the overthrow of “the whole capitalist system.”

Thunberg made the extremist comments during an appearance on Sunday
night at London’s Royal Festival Hall to promote her new ‘Climate

Nicholas Harris from UnHerd was there to watch Thunberg outline her
demented manifesto.

    Previously, she’d sold herself as a five-foot human alarm bell, a
climate Cassandra. Her role was to warn, not to instruct: her most
viral moments involved her scolding political leaders, not trying to
supplant them. She strenuously avoided programmatic detail, saying
such things were “nothing to do with me”. But now, on stage and in
this book, she has found her political feet, specifically the
Left-wing ideology of anti-capitalism and de-growth.

    Interspersed among the usual directives about the need to pressure
political leaders, her message was more radical and more militant than
it has been in the past. There is no “back to normal”, she told us.
“Normal” was the “system” which gave us the climate crisis, a system
of “colonialism, imperialism, oppression, genocide”, of “racist,
oppressive extractionism”. Climate justice is part of all justice; you
can’t have one without the others. We can’t trust the elites produced
by this system to confront its flaws – that’s why she, much like Rishi
Sunak, won’t be bothering with the COP meeting this year. COP itself
is little more than a “scam” which facilitates “greenwashing, lying
and cheating”. Only overthrow of “the whole capitalist system” will

    So now we are finally seeing the contours of Thunbergism. Run your
eye down the contributors to The Climate Book and you can see who
she’s been reading: Jason Hickel, Kate Raworth, Naomi Klein. For these
people the climate crisis isn’t man-made. It’s made by capitalism, as
are the other forms of social injustice which plague society. There’s
no GDP growth – especially of the capitalist sort – without increasing
carbon emissions. The only solution to this state of emergency is for
rich countries to immediately abandon economic expansion as a social

As we have previously documented, the climate change agenda is merely
radical leftism dressed up in a more palatable format.

The co-founder of Extinction Rebellion, the offshoot of which, Just
Stop Oil, is currently engaged in blocking roads across London,
admitted in his own words that his movement “isn’t about the climate.”

In 2019, Stuart Basden revealed the true goals of the far-left
environmentalist action group in a lengthy article posted on Medium.

Basden asserted that whatever climate problems exist can’t be fixed
and that the movement should instead be focused on tearing down the
entire system of western capitalism (China, the world’s biggest
polluter, isn’t mentioned once).

He claimed that “European civilisation” is to blame for spreading
“cruelty” and “violence” throughout the globe for the last 600 years
and bringing “torture, genocide, carnage and suffering to the ends of
the earth.”

Basden then cited numerous “delusions” which are to blame for this
situation, including “white supremacy,” “patriarchy” and “class
hierarchy” (a strange one given that most Extinction Rebellion
protesters are upper middle class snobs who do little but
inconvenience and harm the working class).

“The delusions of hetero-sexism/heteronormativity propagate the idea
that heterosexuality is ‘normal’ and that other expressions of
sexuality are deviant,” writes Basden.

So there you have it, it isn’t about the climate, it’s about bringing
down the west and replacing everything it stands for with a nightmare
far-left form of identity politics-mad totalitarianism.

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