Grotesque hypocrite was about to be exposed as an Assange-grade fraud

professor rat pro2rat at
Tue Nov 1 15:25:39 PDT 2022

Munchkin's own shitcoin was approved by Coinbase - that's how you know instantly that any tethered token approved by them is a shitcoin tied to fiat garbage.

So there goes all reputation capital built up over 12 years as an anti-state crypto-anarchist.

I don't know if anyones been keeping up with current events but this sort of Grand Canyon level of credibility gap exposure was recently documented in Prague' s hacker conflab ( at their ' Crypto-anarchy Institute - now a hollow burned-out shell ) and in an even more spectacular display of gross mendacity at Lugano's PlanB conflab. 

So we may expect to see a lot more deaths of this type from the likes of most of the speakers at these two events.

Don't work for govts and/ or collaborate with them while posing as a ' cypherpunk ' &/or ' crypto-anarchist '
Its a suicide rap.
OG's Adam Back and Nick Szabo are both dead man walking.
Traitors. Scum. DIE.

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