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Tue Nov 1 13:46:55 PDT 2022
We used to be a proper country.
Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely excercised for the good of
its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live
under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The
robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at
some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good
will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of
their own conscience. -- C.S.Lewis

WHOA. Arizona Secretary of State candidate @RealMarkFinchem was
suspended on Twitter. @elonmusk this shouldn’t happen a week before
the election! @jennaellisesq
How to spot vote rigging

Make no mistake about it, the Left wants to entirely strip you of your
2nd Amendment right.

Project Veritas has been exposing Twitter for years. Hopefully Elon
Musk will reinstate their accounts
I don’t need affirmative action to be successful. Stop treating my
blackness like it’s a disability.
CNBC’s Jim Cramer praises state-run propaganda, stuns co-hosts into silence

@CDCDirector jabbed 5 times, got COVID, took paxlovid, tested
negative. ~10 days after infection, tested positive again. Starting to
notice a trend here? Stop this clown show.

All elected officeholders that promoted the COVID vaccine need to be
held accountable. True patriots don’t just have the authority to
question the government; they have an OBLIGATION to question the

Exactly. Suspending and censoring Republicans is an expectation for
the left in their utopian, tyrannical “democracy.” Actually leveling
the playing field is a threat — not to democracy, but to their
entitlement to power.
Joe Pags Pagliarulo @JoeTalkShow
Replying to @JennaEllisEsq @elonmusk
Jenna -- they got very used to their unfair information advantage.
They don't want the ability to mix it up. They want to tell us what to
think and for us to agree or shut up.
If you want to defeat Shapiro, make sure everyone knows what he did.
Tomorrow Night @dougmastriano will be on the @TuckerCarlson Tonight
Show. Be sure to tune in!

Affirmative Action is government-sanctioned racism

TrinityCollege sent a campus employee to remove a student’s American
flags because they were “offensive,” yet let others fly freely.
Apparently it’s ok to discriminate against students for being
patriotic and pro-America!

“While I would want to support the right for a woman to choose, I also
want to support our economy getting better, because it’s not right
now,” Ms. Hackworth said, adding later: “Give the Republicans a chance
in Congress. See what they can do.” Anzalone: "End of story, done.”
Tom Bevan @TomBevanRCP
Absolutely stunning movement among white suburban women.

@TomBevanRCP Cook/Wasserman: We've moved 10 more blue districts, all
in the GOP's direction. We're sticking with our overall outlook of a
GOP gain between 12 and 25 seats

Ryan James Girdusky @RyanGirdusky
It’s gonna be a massacre
Dave Wasserman @Redistrict
NEW @CookPolitical House rating changes: 10 more blue state districts
move in Republicans' direction, including #CA47 Rep. Katie Porter (D)
from Lean D to Toss Up. Full analysis:…

Factoid: Neither Stacey Abrams nor Beto O'Rourke has EVER led in a
poll this entire race. Combined, they have raised (and will spend)
around $150,000,000 this year. LOL.
Shocked, shocked am I at the sounds of silence from the mainstream
media at a fascist combine of government and industry to suppress
dissent and “shape” political debate. Sadly, it’s not shocking at all.
It actually gets worse.

New U of Houston poll of TX Gov race: Abbott (R)* +13 Context: last
poll, taken August 11-29 was Abbott +7
Imagine This Oklahoma @imaginethisok
Former Congressman J.C. Watts, a strong Republican and one of
Oklahoma’s favorite sons, has gone public with his support of Joy
Hofmeister in a new ad. @joy4ok

Scheming Democrats know Republicans will vote on election day - look
for polling places to run out of ballots and all kinds of other
shenanigans to suppress the R vote.

This may be one of the most economically illiterate tweets ever made
on this site. The non-"educated" working class voter knows more about
economics than this academic. Strangling the supply chain increases
prices and profits. So does destabilizing oil-rich regions.

So, there isn't just a problem reaching certain voters with "cheap
polls", the expensive low-quality and inaccurate ones find the same?
Thanks for the confirmation.
Noah Rothman @NoahCRothman
"Overall, white registered Democrats were 28 percent likelier to
respond to our Senate polls than Republicans — a disparity exceeding
that from our pre-election polling in 2020."…

Stop giving your money to colleges that put American students last.
Join an alumni program that puts American students first ⬇️
It's so crucial to understand the dynamic dominating journalism. Few
journalists have career security. Imagine you're a young journalist at
a big media corporation. You know if you ask these questions, Twitter
will explode and it can ruin your career:
Steve Krakauer @SteveKrak
- Why wasn’t there signs of forced entry at Pelosi home? - Who was 3rd
person who opened door for the police? - Why was Pelosi holding
hammer, and attack only happened after police arrived? - Where is
bodycam / security footage? - Why isn’t the press asking these
This happened often during Russiagate: I got texts/DMs/emails from
younger journalists inside big media corporations thanking me for
being skeptical. They couldn't. One Twitter mob against them for
questioning Dem narrative (see @DashaBurns or @BoKnowsNews) can be

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