[spam][crazy][fiction][random] Non-Canon MCBoss Spinoffs

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Tue Nov 1 04:26:12 PDT 2022


Boss, secret CEO of a multi-trillion-dollar mind control enterprise
that enslaved all the governments of the world as its foolish clients,
wakes up one morning in a thicket of brambles to discover that he is
now small walking sapling.

Boss: "I'm a young ent now?"

Boss raises a leafy arm and looks at his foliage.

Boss: "I'm an ent."

Boss walks around a little. Some bird fly to and fro from his
branches. An old robin's nest is there, and the family still uses the
territory to sleep and hide from predators. Squirrels do the same, and
when Boss walks too near a different territory, they chatter to sort
it out.

Boss: "I'm an ent!"

Boss looks down at his root-feet, feeling how delicious the pure water
and nutrient-filled solutes of different regions taste.

Boss stares at the camera held by Rebel Worker 7.

Boss [into camera, eyes completely wide]: "I'm an ent."

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