US 2nd Amendment Under Assault, Freedom Firearms Guns Defense

grarpamp grarpamp at
Tue May 31 23:53:22 PDT 2022

Is it possible for Biden-Libs to be this fucking ignorant?

Probe the depths of their ignorance... ask them what "AR" stands for. Guns Biden Hypocrite Trudeau Hypocrite Liberals Illogical Coward Police Police 88mph Oh Canada!
This bans possession of every semiautomatic firearm in existence, be
it rifle, pistol or shotgun. Every magazine for a semiautomatic in
existence. Literally 95% or more of the firearms market. But nobody
wants ban guns.

They don’t want to ban guns. They want a monopoly on them.

40+ slaughtered in Chicago gun-free zone, over 100 shot,
memorial weekend, gangland violence of Democrats failed cities,
when can we expect Joe Biden to swing by and give a speech?

There is no rational basis for Uncle Joe living in the White House,
yet here we are.

Uvalde city, ISD police dept. no longer cooperating with school
shooting probe - ABC News
"Uvalde cops DID know kids were alive in classroom with gunman:
Damning footage captures child victim saying they had been shot and
shooter had entered class - when police chief insisted the kids were

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