USA 2020 Elections: Thread

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Tue May 31 22:15:38 PDT 2022 Biden's Trannies

Progs, Biden, Austin, and Milley's Sorry Woke and Broken Military...
Woke problems China doesn't have: Black female US soldier
standing at the top of an auditorium room as a superior
officer yells, "Let's go!'. The woman replies, "I don't give a fuck!".
Huge string of vulgarity insubordination unbecoming soldier.

   "We are watching in real time America’s institutions being gutted on
   behalf of left-wing politics. Formerly apolitical institutions are being
   remolded top down to reflect the values of our New Ruling Class: those who
   speak the wokeabulary, who believe in the tyrannical and polarizing
   theories of Ibram X. Kendi and Kimberle Crenshaw, who see their roles as
   the social engineers of their fellow Americans," he wrote.
   "This is true in our universities; it’s true in our colleges; it’s
   true at our corporations; and now it’s true in the American military. No
   wonder we’re told that our military will somehow be stronger for tossing
   out gender-neutral physical fitness tests, or paying for transgender
   surgeries, or forcing soldiers to read the asinine musings of critical
   race theorists."


Democrats pre-seeding narrative to commit midterm fraud,
this time perhaps by calling Repubs cheaters for winning
in upcoming huge landslide...

HBO had an entire documentary on this teed up in 2020. With mid-terms
approaching and looking bad for Democrats, the shenanigans begin.
@W7VOA An alert has been issued by @CISAgov to election officials
warning of vulnerabilities in @DominionVoting systems used in 16
states that hackers could exploit, reports @AP.

Biden’s approval rating clocks in at 35%. The worst president ever is
underwater in 47 states NY, California, and even in his home state,
DE. Biden asks SC to reinstate masks on airplanes. Assault weapons ban
on tap. Oh and inflation? $10K student debt increase.

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