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grarpamp grarpamp at
Tue May 31 17:55:27 PDT 2022

Justin Trudeau the pansy assed Gimp for the US Liberals,
who CA resident vloggers love to hate, bans and grabs
guns to pave way for US Biden-Dems to point and follow...
"We're implementing a national freeze on handgun ownership."

This also applies to police and gov't right?
They don't get to keep handguns either right?

Handguns were already all but banned in Canada.

The same government that arrested and froze people's bank accounts for
protesting. Yeah, this won't be abused for control or anything.

Parse that carefully... they said "freeze" which implies
it will be "temporary", NO they are LYING it will be forever,
they said "ownership" which means gun grabs, by force.

Did you all catch that fucking Evil Smile Trudeau flashed,
only lasted for a split second as he forced himself to
suppress it, God damned scary evil shit right there.

Top five reasons the 2nd Amendment exists...
1) Overthrow of Tyrannical Government
2) Self defense, Defense of others
3) Defense against invasion
4) The shooting sports
5) Provision of food

If I was a Canadian ....I would be stocking up on rifles and as much
ammo as you can get your hands on. A government would only ban guns
after 200 years if they intend on doing something you would shoot them

- I’m buying a new gun tomorrow.
-- I'm gonna have a boat accident tomorrow.
--- If it's time to lose them, it's time to use them.

This guy is a fucking dictator.. does canada have a gun violence
problem? specifically with handguns? Doubt it. As soon as people
understand that this isn't a country-specific thing and realize this
is all in lockstep across the world they will better be able to come
to grips with what is coming.

Groomed as one of the WEF young leaders.

- Whoa they’re actually doing it? Things about to get even more wild.
- That’s what I’m saying that’s crazyyyy
- A “red flag" law which would require people deemed a threat to
themselves or others to turn in their firearms to law enforcement.
- Wonder what other gems are in this bill.
- Basically means you can take guns from anyone on a whim... If you
honk your horn too much you're a domestic terrorist in Canada so
imagine how low the bar is to be considered in a red flag law.

Well in 1931 the Weimer Republic established a gun registry to track
extremist groups like the Nazis. In 1933, when the Nazis seized power
they then used those same records to identify, and disarm, their
political opponents.
After they had seized their political opponents guns, they were able
to enact a cleansing of society, starting by trumped up charges
against political opponents and placing them in labor camps, with
little real opposition

Wait, what, a spoken intent of *direct self-inflicted* harm of
*suicide* is now a threat to others?, and the State somehow has
jurisdiction over your body to keep you from *self suiciding*? Whoa!

These USA and Canada gun grabbing politicians are going to initiate
hundreds of thousands of SWAT raids where innocent people
end up getting murdered for defending their rights to own guns.
This will spark a revolutionary war as gun owners have always
said gun grabbing is the last line in the sand.

The ultimate veto is guns.

Banning guns is not gonna stop people from having guns when people are
still gonna make them and sell them on the streets.

Its not to take it away from criminals but from average Canadians that
could oppose a tyrannical regime.

My mom was in Uruguay when they had gun control and it was
totalitarian ran. She was a kid and at her aunts house when it got
raided because officers heard her uncle had guns but he wasn’t home.
The place got trashed and when he got home he asked if they had taken
his guns, her aunt said no and he went to the spots he hid them to
check on them and they were still there. Point of this story is that
people are gonna keep their guns. People are gonna have guns.

He’s a POS. Why does this even matter up here in canada? The few
people that own handguns (legally) have to follow all this crazy
protocol just to have one.
Justin Fidel Castro is such an actor. A deep state puppet and overall POS.

It’s pretty hard to own a handgun in Canada and a real pain in the ass
(before this passed). If you wanted to take your handgun to the range
you had to call RCMP and let them know where your going and that’s the
only place you can take it. It must be unloaded and locked in a safe
at all times.

He wants to do that now because he's planning on increasing mandates
in the fall and he knows it will push many over the edge.
Yep, it's annoying people can't see disarmament always comes right
before authoritarianism. It's a pattern throughout history.

As an American, I own one gun. After seeing this, I might go buy a
couple more. Why? Because we can't trust our police or our government
to take care of us.
That's the strange thing, every time they say they want to get rid of
guns, sales and production go up. Surely they're aware that every time
over decades that they make these supposed moves that it encourages
people who otherwise wouldn't own one, to start considering it.

As with all laws... This law isnt for criminals this is for obedient citizens.

Criminals have more rights.

Funny, it's people like Trudeau that makes me think about getting a gun.

What a fucking sick bunch of cowards with their masks of shame on
behind this feckless little perpetual blackface wearing asshole. This
fucker just wreaks of dictator vibes.
You can't leave your country if you aren't vaccinated, can't get on a
bus or a plane and now you can't own a handgun to protect yourself...
that's a fucking police state.
Tyranny is about to go into hyperdrive folks. Govern and police me
harder daddy, expand them government powers. Next they are coming for
your horns, honk!
Stock up on ammunition and guns cause the United Nations are coming to
a state near you.

They don’t want you owning guns cause if every citizen had a gun the
government would be overthrown.

There is no reason. Trudeau just wants an excuse to increase
authoritarianism, similar to how the U.S. government put on mass
surveillance and the Patriot Act, all under the excuse of

Didn’t democrats spark the biggest rise in gun sales in American
history after their summer of love riots?

This is why there can be no compromise on gun control. The gun
grabbers will not stop until they have banned all guns.

Don’t forget about Broward County, FL where they just stood around as well.

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