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grarpamp grarpamp at
Tue May 31 16:07:21 PDT 2022

Cold hard fact for Libtard gun grabbers...
Yes it is, but the police are not legally required to protect you or
your kids in all situations. Look up the case of Joseph Lozito from
New York. He was stabbed multiple times while two cops watched. He was
able to subdue his attacker, and that's when the police decided to
step in. He sued, and lost. We all are responsible for protecting
ourselves, our families, and our communities. Don't let these gun
grabbers convince you that you'll be better off allowing the police to
"protect" you.

No one wants to take away your guns
No one wants to shut down your business
No one wants lockdowns to continue more than necessary
No one is going to force you to have a vaccine passport
No one is teaching your kids critical race theory
These are all just conspiracy theories  TastefulTuna: Fuck The Dept
Tired of people acting like Texas law enforcement didn't spring
into action to save those children. They armored up and
brought out the MRAP and went in there ready for battle.
Oh wait. This was what they did to a bar that tried
to serve some beer during COVID lockdowns.

Its extortion at its finest they literally come to your car with a gun
and demand you pay money. Are you allowed to walk up to a random
person demand ID, possibly detain said person and take things from
Honestly I have no idea how civil asset forfeiture is not uniting
Americans against it. The way it is used in practice is tyranny and
theft by the state.
The only explanation I have is that civil asset forfeiture is so
outrageous that most people don't believe it's real. Like they think
it's not possible that cops in many jurisdictions can just roll up and
take your shit at gunpoint and leave without arresting you for

If you are a police officer and you are unwilling to run toward
gunfire, to protect little kids... Quit. Quit tomorrow. Find another
job. Home Depot is hiring. Do something else.

So police will break down a door in full military gear, guns pointing
at some poor streamer’s head when a fake swatting call is made, but
they sit outside a school doing nothing for 90 mins when they hear
real gunshots?

It sucks those kids died, but we should be thinking about George Floyd  -- Obama

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