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Tue May 31 15:21:13 PDT 2022

News from around WEF...

Summer 2020 was a practice run...

Riches wealth opulence caviar and freedom for
Politicians and Globalist Elites, potatoes and slavery for you.

Conveniently by design, there is ZERO accountability
for anything the WEF and its maggots do, and ZERO
way to recall, disband, or unvote them. These psychopath
fucks are manufacturing authority out of thin air and trapping
the whole world up in it.

Imagine your job being thinking of ways and delighting
in ensnaring and enslaving humanity.

Your carbon footprint will be zero after you own nothing,
and live in a pod eating cockroach milk. That is WEF utopia.
Maximum efficiency, maximum profit, maximum order.

Did some researchers come up with some new secret psychological
mind control methods and newspeak in the last 20 years?
Because these WEF turds appear to be leveraging and deploying
some serious never-before-seen mind-warfare tools, they've got
major world figures entranced and drooling on their every world.

They groom young politicians and then get things pushed that favor
their new world order shit.

They also fund political races in the US even on the city/county
level, such as fully financing entire campaigns for their WEF agenda.
A prosecuting attorney in south US in 2022 was fully financed by a
billionaire Hungarian. They aired that information on local news. It
is on YT. Thankfully she did not win, but she was close. Imagine how
many they have won throughout the us. This was just the 1st time I
could prove it.

Cashless is not a society.. cashless is a prison.

Voting won't solve the problem. The globalists have corrupted the
system entirely too much for that. Revolution is the only way.

With the second amendment.

You vote them out with well aimed bullets.

So far, the World Economic Forum has discussed
recalibrating free speech and the need for a
cashless society. No word yet on the 1300 people
who own 94% of Earth's wealth.

Australian eSafety commissioner Julie Inman Grant tells the World
Economic Forum we need a "recalibration" of freedom of speech.



Sweden could be cashless by 2023 and other countries are following.
Digital currency rather than cash will soon be King! (World Economic

Alibaba Group president J. Michael Evans boasts at the World Economic
Forum about the development of an "individual carbon footprint
tracker" to monitor what you buy, what you eat, and where/how you

When all restrictions were lifted the minister of sweden in charge
during the pandemic was assigned a high level job at the UN to
accelerate the agenda 2030. They even posted tweets and they called it
"our common agenda". Makes you think how they were untouchable by the
wef and the plandemic.

Last week the UN and WEF signed a memorandum of understanding to
accelerate Agenda 2030

And the first credit card in the world with a carbon limit. They did
it collaborating with the wef and the UN.

Cyrus had the right idea......why let these Nazi fucks keep doing this?


Yes, they divide the citizens, they get away with gun buybacks
(taxpayer dollars of the people WHO OWN THE GUNS being used to buy
them from the citizens), all the while keep the heat up on the
division of the people so they may roll in whatever is next (Digital
ID, microchipping the population for compliance, and general control
over every dollar or credit you spend.)

In the early YouTube days, there were several videos explaining what
the “great reset” was, seems to be coming true. Now they are mostly
gone…at least the ones I remember….every video now is from a year ago
which is weird….

We just had a power outage in Ontario and all electronic payments were
down for 3+ days.
Peterborough ran out of gas within 12 hours.

Only 1300 of them, be a lot easier to dig a small hole.

Today, 2,668 billionaires — 573 more than in 2020 — own $12.7
trillion, an increase of $3.78 trillion. The world's ten richest men
own more wealth than the bottom 40 percent of humanity
Thanks to WEF and others who made this possible. Seriously, fuck these
stinking Rats.

As a person from a country that still has feudalism and feudal lords,
all of this sounds very familiar-- a small minority that controls the
vast majority of wealth ruling over a penniless majority.

Send all 1300 of them to Guantanamo to be rectally fed (a medical
procedure pioneered by Dick Cheney and his team of psychologists)

48% are jewish....

why is the world ECONOMIC forum discussing the right to free speech?
there was nothing in that interview i watched of the "recalibrate"
lady that would suggest they were discussing anything really economic
in it's nature. these guys are well out they wheelhouse.

Imagine wanting to "hunt down" and ruin normal citizens lives who
simply donated to a GoFundMe.

Censorbanned from debates: Tulsi Gabbard
Tulsi Gabbard was selected in 2015 to be a young global leader by the WEF.

Elections are a scam.

You saw what the unarmed people trespassing got. Imagine what Pelosi
will do to you if she even smells a hint of a true revolutionary
within ten miles of her building.

If we had a proper, Constitutional militia system and a grand jury
system that our forefathers correctly established (now bastardized and
diminished), any official, elected or otherwise could be indicted and
tried. When a politician, for example, files legislation that clearly
violates the Constitution. Also, corrupt bureaucrats can be taken down
as well.

"so what if all the worlds business, media, scientific, military and
political minds all meet up in secrecy and make plans to undermine our
freedom ! Stop being paranoid and believing conspiracies! They meet to
probably give us a utopia and help us, like bill gates !"

A globalized world means America and its freedoms kowtow to WEF, not
the WEF kowtow to America's freedoms (which most people actually want:
America's level of freedoms in their own nations). America is in the
way of WEF's globalism. As long as the WEF exists, they're the
self-professed enemies of America.

Add all the MSM, the federal govts retirement fund (bank in Sweden)
Pfizer, blackrock, citidel.. look around your house, prob 80% of it's
contents can be linked to these lizards

Anyone who supports any form of gun control legislation or regulation
automatically negates anything else they have to say about anything

Just like the Bilderberg group. Alex Jones showed the most powerful
elected officials get together with the private industry leaders and
discuss the game plan on how to fuck the American people over every 12

I can't get over how they are doing this in plain sight... This once
was the secret globalist agenda to only be discussed at the Bohemian
Grove where billionaires sacrificed infants to Moloch. Now they have
enough power that they can stream the global plans on youtube and no
journalists dare question their motivation.

Precious metals are gods money that’s why the satanists took it out of
our currency system.

Yeah but no one is going to freeze his bank account for "spreading
misinformation," because he and his cohorts are the arbiters of what
is determined misinformation (anything detrimental to their agenda)

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Announces Ban On All Handguns In Canada

If someone is coming at you to take away your freedom, you use a
freedom seed planter to plant some freedom seeds in them.

With a bullet.

Publicly hang them all.

With a Guillotine.

With the sword.
In the end, that's the only vote that truly counts.

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