The hypocrisy of "modern" European countries

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Mon May 30 10:00:04 PDT 2022

On Mon, 30 May 2022 03:06:39 -0400
grarpamp <grarpamp at> wrote:

> On 5/28/22, zeynep at <zeynep at> wrote:
> > The hypocrisy of "modern" European countries and  hypocrisy around the
> > world, and of course in Turkey too
> >
> > This is happening in Turkey 🇹🇷 every day with Syrian refugees…
> > now same shit in Europe with Ukrainian’s ?
> This coming from the multiply debunked liar 

	grancrap, you are the most stupid, fraudulent cop on this list. Everything you post is pentagon propaganda, and you post it while trying to pose as a 'voluntaryst'. Your level of stupidity is completely off the charts. 

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