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Fri May 27 01:14:55 PDT 2022

Thugsters, the Abdullah's and other criminals of the world, don't give
a fuck about gun laws and bans, and have no problems getting guns...

"Do your job ... Get crime off the streets."

NYC Subway Shooter Who Killed Goldman Banker Had "About 20 Prior
Arrests", Including Murder Charge From 2017

Just two days ago we reported about the unfortunate death of a Goldman
Sachs analyst, who was shot dead on the northbound Q train as it
passed the Manhattan Bridge.

Daniel Enriquez, who joined Goldman's research division in 2013, was
shot in the chest in an unprovoked attack. According to NYPost at the
time, the family of Enriquez had only one message for Mayor Eric

    "Do your job ... Get crime off the streets."

And they make a crucial point, especially as it relates to this
specific attack. Why? Because it was revealed in follow up reporting
yesterday that the suspect, 25 year old Andrew Abdullah of Brooklyn
(who has now been placed in custody), had "about 20 prior arrests" for
"assault, robbery, menacing and grand larceny", ABC News reported this
week. '

In fact, the same report notes that he has "three cases that are still
pending, including an April arrest for fourth-degree criminal
possession of stolen property for allegedly being found with a stolen
motorcycle, as well as a June 2021 arrest for violating a protective
order and March 2021 arrest for assault."

But wait...that's not all. According to ABC:

    In January 2020, Abdullah was arrested as part of a gun-related
case and in May 2017 he was charged with second-degree attempted
murder as part of an 83-count federal indictment of the Harlem-based
street gangs Fast Money and Nine Block. Abdullah was sentenced to
three years in federal prison, but served just four months before
being released in 2019.

    When Mayor Adams and 埃里克 Swalwell predictably propose more gun
control please point them to this:
    — Bearded Miguel (@beardedmiguel) May 24, 2022

Goldman CEO David Solomon described Enriquez as a "dedicated and
beloved" colleague.

    "We are devastated by this senseless tragedy and our deepest
sympathies are with Dan's family at this difficult time," Solomon said
in a statement.

Sunday's train attack comes a little more than a month after the
shooting in April on the N train left nearly two dozen people injured.
Confidence in riding public transportation has plummeted as violence
soars across the city.

Meanwhile, delusional Mayor Eric Adams has been focused on trying to
get JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon to ride the subway to work in the
morning. Maybe he should focus on cleaning up the streets so that
people with 20 prior arrests aren't wandering free - and then Dimon
will consider his offer.

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