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Mike Rowe Says Feds "Revoked" Film Permit Because
Govt Official "Didn't Like His Personal Politics"

"Dirty Jobs" television host Mike Rowe called out the General Services
Administration (GSA) for canceling his production team's ability to
film a new episode because of his "personal politics."

Rowe wrote a lengthy Facebook post on Monday, addressing the
boilermaker workers at a facility overseen by the GSA that his permit
to shoot was "suddenly revoked."

He said his film team received a call from a woman at the GSA about
permits revoked for "security concerns." When asked about the security
concerns, the woman had no response. She said: That decision had come
down from "the very highest levels within the GSA."

Rowe went on to say Dirty Jobs has filmed in very sensitive
government-controlled areas:

    "We've received permits from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Seabees,
Coast Guard, NASA, and The Army Corps of Engineers. We've gotten
permission to film inside the Capitol and a nuclear-powered aircraft
carrier. We even got a permit to film inside the National Security

Shortly after the first call, his production team received another.
This time, someone from the GSA explained the decision had "nothing to
do with security, and everything to do with politics."

    "According to this caller, someone at the highest levels of the
GSA, 'doesn't like Mike Rowe's personal politics,' and used their
power to deliberately string us along until the last possible second,
for the express purpose of 'yanking my chain,'" Rowe wrote.

He added: "Unlike Dirty Jobs, however, 'How America Works' airs on
Fox, and these days that's enough to upset certain people."

Rowe's Facebook post had 20k likes. Some commenters wrote:

    "That's really too bad. Thank you, though, for allowing us to see
what we will be missing, and being as tactful as possible about the
situation. We need more people like you being cool about not cool
things," one person said.

    Another person said: "I'm not a bit surprised but very
disappointed in the GSA's decision. There's a government at work here
that shows little sign that it's actually working for its citizens.
Thank you for the update."

Over the years, Rowe has hosted his show on Discovery and even CNN.
He's made countless appearances on PBS, NPR, NBC, CBS, ABC, and MSNBC.
But as soon as his new show "How America Works," which celebrates the
American worker, landed on Fox, woke government officials cannot see
past politics and attempted to cancel him.

Rowe might have irritated the Biden adminstration earlier this month
when he sat down with Fox's Steve Doocy to discuss out-of-control
inflation—telling the news show host that American truckers aren't
buying the "Putin Price Hike" narrative when it comes to soaring
diesel prices.

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