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Thu May 26 19:54:19 PDT 2022

Gun grabbing liars keep on suppressing rights in the USA...

Suppressing the Truth About Suppressors

Big government leftists aren't only trying to silence your voice on
social media and through the Department of Homeland Security's new
Ministry of Truth, they're also trying to silence your ability to
simply possess a firearm suppressor.

Hollywood, the "besties" of the left, likes to make it seem as if a
suppressor completely silences a firearm, as seen by clever TV
assassins and action-movie stars. Last year, New Jersey Rep. Bonnie
Watson-Coleman backed this up, calling silencers "tools of murder."

Sen. Bob Menendez (also from New Jersey) said, "Gun silencers are
dangerous devices with one purpose and one purpose only—to muffle the
sound of gunfire from unsuspecting victims."

I'll give you one guess as to which two Washington politicians have
been watching a few too many Hollywood movies. Hint: they're the same
two who introduced legislation in 2021 to ban all Americans from
simply possessing a gun suppressor. Not using one. Possessing one.

Gun suppressors (called "sound moderators" in the UK) only decrease
the noise of a gunshot by 20 to 35 decibels. That leaves them still
"louder than your average ambulance siren," according to an article by
the Associated Press posted by Police1. That organization is a part of
the nation's leading content, policy, and training platform for public
safety. Their job isn't to kiss babies and raise money; their job is
to tell the truth when it comes to how guns work in the real world.

As much as the left would have you believe these devices are only used
for Hollywood hitman-style murders, the truth is that the greatest use
of silencers is for sporting professionals (pdf). Many shooting pros
build private ranges in their basements and use silencers out of
respect for their neighbors—literally the opposite of committing a

Second to sporting, suppressors are used with small-caliber subsonic
ammunition to rid local areas of disease-carrying vermin, like rats
(pdf). Stopping disease from a distance is a good thing.

Fortunately, not all politicians believe big-action Hollywood movies
are documentaries. Rep. Bob Good, from Virginia, looked to protect
Americans from the suppressor-grab introduced by Menendez and
Watson-Coleman. Good's 2021 legislation sought a complete deregulation
of gun suppressors at the federal level and it preempts state laws
that would regulate, tax, or prohibit the possession of these devices.

"The Second Amendment is the guarantor or protector of all other
rights," Good told Breitbart News. "If our Second Amendment right is
not safe, no rights are safe. Democrats continue to fear-monger and
spread misinformation as a justification to undermine our
constitutional rights. I'm pleased to introduce legislation that will
remove regulatory burdens from purchasing accessories that protect
hearing and promote safety."

There are more than 60,000 legal federal gun-suppressor permits
throughout the United States. If suppressors are so dangerous and used
only as "tools of murder" then one would expect there to be a plethora
of federal prosecutions for crimes committed with a firearm fitted
with a suppressor. In reality, such federal prosecutions are rare
occurrences (pdf), and the vast majority of those are not because a
crime was committed but rather because someone hadn't properly
registered the suppressor. In other words, Menendez was flat-out lying
about how they're used.

It's ridiculous to use Hollywood and fear to limit a person's firearm
use for competition, sport shooting, hunting, self-defense, teaching
children about being responsible gun owners, or for any other
constitutionally protected purpose. Don't be fooled—bills like this do
nothing to stop a criminal. They only serve to hurt your ability to
use your firearm in a responsible manner.

A suppressor is not a firearm and is incapable of discharging any
projectile, yet it's regulated in the same manner as a machine gun. A
firearms suppressor is a simple accessory, like a scope, holster, or
any of the hundreds of other firearms accessories available, and ought
to be available for purchase over the counter like any other lawful

Maybe President Joe Biden's new Ministry of Truth should look at the
Menendez and Watson-Coleman bill as their first order of business when
rooting out misinformation. Somehow, I doubt they will.

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