US 2nd Amendment Under Assault, Freedom Firearms Guns Defense

grarpamp grarpamp at
Thu May 26 02:06:08 PDT 2022

On 1/23/22, Steven Schear <schear.steve at> wrote:
> Screw firearms, think antitank and Stingers.

Funnily enough, a bit over one month later that became
the right of pretty much any Ukrainian who wanted one,
including scary looking black "assault" rifles, tanks, grenades,
drones, etc. Now of course if Ukrainians had both that individual
and collective defensive right beforehand, maybe at least a lot
more would have had them on hand and been culturally trained
to use them in such situations. The spoolup delay proving costly,
you can't defend yourselves, in realtime dire need, with tools you
don't have, and don't know how to use.

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