Assassination Politics

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Thu May 26 00:27:00 PDT 2022

On various dates, jim bell <jdb10987 at> wrote:

> Yes, Sukumaran's essay is by far the most competent
> treatment of my Assassination Politics idea and essay.

> All in all, the public's handling of my AP essay has been
> atrociously incompetent. For people who claim they love
> freedom and hate tyranny, I've described the solution.
> People have had 26 years to disprove or just cast doubt
> on AP, and nobody has accomplished that.

> AP will work, when tried.


> I'm glad, almost exactly 27 years after the Part 1 of my Assassination
> Politics essay publication
> that people are
> finally awakening to the extreme advantages of killing a few hundred to a
> few thousand politicians around the world, rather than millions of ordinary
> people in a nuclear war.  I hope this realization is not too late, for the
> latter group.

Given recent global rumblings of nuclear use, new wars killing millions and
more of innocent civilians, calls for assassination of "war criminal" leaders
of various countries, inherent brutal authoritarian force of legacy
GovPol models,
etc, many areas might have some relevance...

Perhaps Jim and others should begin making appearances on podcasts,
having conversations on Youtube, Odysee, and other video channels.
27 years later, the internet now does support realtime video medium,
and it has become a widespread de-facto way for millions of people
to discuss and share topics.

Jim and others could explain their systems, answer those who have
questions, cover how General Prediction Markets could be used in peaceful
voluntary societies to do things such as building roads, space travel,
medicine, defence, crowdfunding, and many other things in
freedom preserving non authoritarian and efficient ways.

Jim and the other early debaters advocates and detractors won't
be around forever, and AP and Prediction Markets in general
certainly will end up being debated, and perhaps even implemented,
by others in the future. Thus it might seem important for the world
to have their current thoughts on such things, even if only noted as history
for the future's reference, by way of making and joining podcasts today.

To the extent Jim and the others are up for it, people could begin
by listing and suggesting potential podcasts to join, and or by making
mutual introductions and inviting them to do podcast conversations.

If cypherpunks claim that their Prediction Markets and other ideas could
solve some of the world's hard problems, perhaps they should start actually
getting out in the larger real and podcast world and talking about them
so that more people can see, study, debate, improve, etc.

Because as it is now, half the world has still never heard of
cypherpunk's cryptocurrency, and roughly 0% have ever heard
of Prediction Markets or Libertarian or anything else.

But 100% are now hearing many global politicians threatening
total destruction of the world as we know it.

The only way to acheive a more free and peaceful world is for
cypherpunks and others to get out there and discuss it.

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