Why starlink has still not yet allowed anonymous crypto prepaid accounts

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Thu May 26 00:13:00 PDT 2022

> I'd say that this makes attempts to use Starlink anonymously rather
> ineffective, since Starlink, at least, knows your location.

All they would know is where, to within accuracy limits, the antenna
was and is currently. They would not know who the paying subscriber[s]
are, who the user[s] are behind it, nor to wherever else the subscriber[s]
and user[s] further distributed that internet access out beyond the dish...
such as feeding into local fiber copper, remote RF, back into anonymous
overlay networks, resale, etc, or where the dish will be next.

Knowing "where" an IP is, is not same as knowing "who" is behind it,
user fuckups excepted. This was all discussed back in Media MAFIAA
torrent days. And there were precedent setting court acknowledging the
distinction, and in some cases affirming that the "who" was indeed not
legally discoverable, or even legally pursuable if so, much to
disappointment of MAFIAA.

Consider also that subsidizing mentality of databasing
"who", just weakens and victimizes everyone in the end,
example massive censorship of free speech lately,
tyrannical scoring systems in countries, etc.

And filesharing, the free flow of information, now occurring over
distributed anonymous overlay networks connected to tyrannical
GovCorp ISP's, won a bit, such that now, even "where" is somewhat less
knowable, at least for usage that would require disclosure of top-secret
programs, for which torrenting pop stars does not qualify, yet, but will soon.

> Starlink or anyone they choose to share their data with.

Starlink is part of the MilGov funded contractor SpaceX,
it is highly possible that Starlink's real purpose is to give
MilGov a distributed redundant global access to the net,
plus whatever it can SpyVeillance with that many RF enabled
birds eyes, plus the Room 641A and FISA 702 agreements of
its network points, all under the plausible dual guise of providing
civilian sales.

And there is much historical exposed precedent for such models.

Thus it is estimated that FOIA's for any MilGov relationship with
Starlink, including that of obvious SpaceForce, NSA, NGA, etc
will return a bunch of redacted pages and lots of Glomars.

> they know where you are, even if your subscription isn't in your name.

Apologists making that argument, that therefore anonymity
and privacy is invalid to seek, should be strongly refuted.

>> Hazarding a guess I would say Mollusk is set on Brinworld solutions

Well SpaceX is not yet offering the opensouce or cypherpunk
communities free or at-cost[-plus] launches for their respective cubesats,
so SpaceX cannot yet be considered free from some anti freedom
biases, or even meeting some of their own grand rhetoric.

>> States like fascist Russia, China and Iran must regard the Mollusk as a
>> Godsend.

No. News reports now clearly show that entire fascist G-20 govt's all love
and clamor for all the digital tracking of cellphones, and now electric cars,
they are even advertising remote GovCorp shutdown and 24x365 tracking
permanent databases of all civilians cars, even putting micro cameras
and microphones inside the cabin non-optional recording to user
inaccessible flash. Truly disgusting 1984 level shit.
Which is more embarassing mentality when considering little
than 50 years ago most people in world were not yet under any
silly "requirement" of "law" to have even driver "license" or "ID",
and nothing was digital. Nothing changed with drivers, nothing
really got better, only GovCorp got much worse.

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