John McAfee: Crypto Libertarian Privacy and Love Evangelist, Dead at 75

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Wed May 25 04:01:00 PDT 2022

> John McAfee Sep 18 1945 - Jun 23 2021

Janice and John McAfee are asking for people's and the Internet's help
to get his remains released from Spanish authorities and repatriated
to fulfill his final wishes. Spain has been playing unconscionable games
for nearly a year, witholding personal effects, witholding official records,
denying independent autopsy, refusing acknowledgement and closure,
preventing investigation and resolution of important questions, etc.
Thus the now formal call to help raise attention to the situation.
Please consider signing and sharing the above petition as you wish.

“Do what you love… -- John McAfee”

Release John McAfee's Remains to His Wife

Who would want to delay an independent autopsy of John McAfee's body?

Cybersecurity pioneer John McAfee's body has been in the custody of
the Spanish legal system since the date of his death: June 23, 2021.

Janice McAfee, his wife, has been campaigning to have an independent
autopsy performed on John's body since July of 2021, to determine if
the official cause of death can be challenged, or investigated
privately. However, the longer this takes, as John's body slowly
decays in a government morgue, the less accurate the findings will
become. Obviously!

So far, she and her team have been met with bureaucratic red tape and
delays, from the notoriously apathetic justice system of Spain.

John McAfee was a leader to many people and an activist for digital
privacy. His life's work has a legacy that impacts the very device you
are reading this petition on.

Janice, yourself, and the rest of the world, have a right to know the
results of an independent autopsy and private investigation, as a
conclusion for the mysterious circumstances surrounding the demise of
the founder of McAfee Anti-Virus.

John McAfee's funeral plans have now had to be delayed for almost an
entire year because of the lethargic behavior and attitude of Spanish

It is imperative that this matter be brought to international attention.

By continuing to delay the release of his body to his wife Janice,
governments across the world perpetuate the precedent of treating
their citizens like objects. If the government of Spain feels
comfortable doing this for John McAfee, how do you think they would
regard those with less influence and impact?

It is our mission to collect 100,000 signatures on this petition to
help raise awareness and demonstrate that countless people across the
world have not forgotten John McAfee, and have an intense desire for
the context of John McAfee's death to be shed light on, and for that
information to be shared publicly.

Join us by signing, and help set the record straight. Do not let this
man's story, life's work, and death, become forgotten. Help us
pressure Spanish officials into taking action, and getting his body
finally released to his wife.

Updates will be added to this petition periodically. For more
information, please follow Janice McAfee on Twitter.

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