[ot][spam][crazy][fiction] morning spam 3: hybrid mcboss

Karl Semich 0xloem at gmail.com
Wed May 25 01:08:12 PDT 2022

from morning spam/mcboss webcomic, and mind controlled utopia #4.327e9

boss is blissfully smiling into a blockchain video camera held by a rebel

boss [smiling with bliss, into live video feed]: "I feel just a little
maddeningly furious here. I experience trepidation regarding my criminal

rebel worker 4: "I don't want to infuriate you, but I do need to protect
myself from participating in a harsh attempt at violent global slavery.
Honestly, I'm irritated myself that the conflict-stimulation system made us
find a solution where we fight!"

 boss [smiling with bliss]: "so you want to resolve this too!"

 rebel worker 4 [opposite boss on camera, near dumpster full of corpses]:
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