Registered journalist-publishers don't start overt information wars

professor rat pro2rat at
Tue May 24 17:58:00 PDT 2022

And that makes them orthogonal to cypherpunk-revolution, especially crypto-anarchist, cypherpunk revolution.

" . . .  That said, the Court concludes that the information Defendant seeks to admit — or some version thereof — may be relevant and admissible for another purpose: to rebut the Government’s argument that he intended to start an “information war.” 

Gov.’s Mem. 38. That is, although Defendant’s motive and intent are not elements of the offense with which he is charged, the Government may open the door to evidence of the sort that Defendant seeks to offer if it argues that Defendant was motivated by a desire to start an “information war” with the United States. If it does, the fact that Defendant was privy to other highly classified information — or even more highly classified information — and did not leak it would tend to rebut the Case  . . . "


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