Dishonest Tor relay math question - tor-talk is to lazy

zeynep at zeynep at
Tue May 24 16:12:30 PDT 2022

>> Appelbaum wrote about and cited this in his thesis.
> applebaum is an asshole who was paid 100k per year to promote the tor cyberweapon and US imperialism. Like you do.

Karl is so stupid, I don't even think he's reading that thesis.I don't think he'd understand even if he read the thesis.And he still says Tor has been targeted. The Tor project is targeting people.He doesn't understand privacy, but he talks here. He's just talking to be talked to.Tor team leader Gus asked me a few questions, and then the Tor project blocked me.Lol.Tor never gave anonymity, they just followed people.
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